I due gemelli veneziani

Debut: Genoa, Sala Eleonora Duse, 9 March 1963

Direction Luigi Squarzina
Assistant director  Sandro Rossi
Set and costume Gianfranco Padovani
Music Giancarlo Chiaramello
Production Teatro Stabile di Genova

Characters and performers

Dr. Balanzoni, a lawyer from Bologna in Verona Raffaele Giangrande
Rosaura, believed her daughter, then discovered sister of the twins Paola Mannoni 
Pancrazio, friend of the doctor and his guest Camillo Milli
Zanetto, silly twin Alberto Lionello
Tonino, nice twin Alberto Lionello
Lelio, the doctor's nephew Eros Pagni
Beatrice, lover of Tonino Lucilla Morlacchi 
Florindo, a friend of Tonino Emilio Cappuccio
Brighella, servant in the doctor's house Omero Antonutti 
Colombina, servant in the doctor's house Margherita Guzzinati 
Arlecchino, servant of Zanetto Giulio Brogi 
Tiburzio, goldsmith Luigi Carubbi 
The bargello Corrado Nardi
First cop Andrea Lala
Second cop / a Beatrice's groom Giuliano Disperati
Third cop Alfredo Senarica

Scenic innovations, gags, rhythm and plot twists made I due gemelli veneziani - initially chosen to compete abroad with Strehler’s Arlecchino – a unique play, which toured the world with resounding success, remained on stage for fifteen years, and won prestigious prizes. Alberto Lionello’s performance earned him the 1963 Premio Nettuno d’Oro; Squarzina was honoured with the 1963 Premio Sant’Apollonia for his directing work; and Genoa’s Teatro Stabile took 1964 Premio Challenge honours for best play, presented at Paris’s Théatre des Nations.

We thank Teatro Nazionale di Genova for the concession of the use of photographic material.