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Created by the Gramsci Foundation, the Luigi Squarzina website showcases the director/dramatist/professor in all his various activities and multi-directional interests. It also casts light on his constant need to effect an integration between directing, playwriting and critical reflection on the one hand, and, on the other, the cultural dimension of his artistic production – a dimension that tends to combine culture and theatrical history with stagecraft. On the website, therefore, we may find his directorial and dramaturgical output and literary work, as well as his activity as an essayist and a university lecturer. There is a link to the Squarzina archive that documents the work; donated to the Gramsci Foundation, it is included in the cinema, literature and theatre Archives section on the Foundation’s website.

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Silvia Danesi Squarzina who had the initial idea of ​​building the website, organizing a specific working group;

Giovanni Agostinucci for the sketches and photographs of shows in his archive;

Antonio Calbi and Sandro Piccioni for their usual and fruitful collaboration;

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Gian Domenico Ricaldone and Mirella Ciferri for their courtesy and availability for archival research;

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Fabio Nicolosi for finding the material relating to the prose directories of the latest production;

Tommaso Le Pera for the kind concession of his stage photographs;

Donatella Francucci for granting the use of the interview with Luigi Squarzina of June 2010;

Officina Edizioni for the kind concession of the photographs taken from the catalogs of the exhibitions “Theater in the Weimar Republic” and “Erwin Piscator”.

Of some photographs, present in the Luigi Squarzina Archive and reproduced on the website, it was not possible to identify the authors and / or owners, or the request for authorization for reproduction was not met. The Gramsci Foundation is at the disposal of those who were unintentionally not mentioned and of those who could not be traced.

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